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The Lambeth

Did you know this vintage style cake piping is also known as the Lambeth method. It's a classic design that focuses on over-piping techniques - using a wide range of piping tips, creating intricate depth and layers. Without a doubt, I always think of Marie Antoinette and her famous quote - let them eat cake!

Recently, this method has been popular for many reasons - so much detail and beauty in one design. I've been meaning to play around with this method and had so much fun when I had the opportunity to create a two tier for my daughter's baptism.

I focused on various Wilton piping tips (purchased from Spotlight) to create this master piece. These included:

  • 2D drop flower tip

  • 103 and 104 petal flower tip

  • 199 open star tip

To create this style cake, I always start from the bottom and make my way to the top - working on both tiers at the same time so the layers have a sense of symmetry. For the garlands, I use various size cookie cutters as a guide so when piping the buttercream onto the cake, they can fall evenly.

I then topped off this cake with some fresh red cherries for a pop of colour and a custom topper from Cakers Warehouse.

I absolutely love this elegant method and can't wait to create more cakes for many other events. Although, it may not tickle everyone's fancy - we do have other cakes that will be suitable for your event. Check out our cakes for more - there's definitely something for everyone!

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