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Indonesian Delights

Sharing some of our home flavours to yours with our specialty Indonesian sweets and desserts:

  • Kue bolu keju (original/pandan) - fluffy Indonesian sponge cheesecake

  • Kue lapis malang - fluffy chocolate and vanilla Indonesian sponge cake with jam

  • Kue bolu ketan hitam - black sticky rice cake with shredded coconut

  • Sagu keju (original/chocolate/mocha/pandan/durian) - melt-in-your mouth tapioca cookies

  • Es doger (original/black sticky rice/durian) - coconut rosewater shaved ice (vegan)

Also available* at selected Sydney Indonesian grocery stores, restaurants and delivery services including:


For custom orders, please contact us here and follow us on Instagram for the latest promotional updates.

*Note: available on selected days

Photo credits: Xuxu_auau

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