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Sweet Care Packs: Share A Cupcake or Two

This lockdown has been a bit tough. With everyone either working from home or just staying put, the weekdays begin to merge with the weekend. Sometimes we just need a small reminder to take a break. So here's where we come in. We've had the pleasure to send and deliver sweet pick-me-ups across Sydney to cheer up family and friends, known as our Sweet Grazer boxes.

To create these sweet packs, all you need is to decide what sweets are to go in the box because there are endless ways to create one and that's the joy of it - getting to choose and arrange your sweet buttery treats.

Some of our popular designs include:

  • Cupcake/Cookie Packs: a mix of assorted cupcake flavours and themed cookies, whether it be for birthdays, or PYO cookies for the kiddies to enjoy.

  • Cake/Cookie Packs: why not go all out with some cake and cookies. I recently sent one to a good friend of mine for his 30th birthday! Just cause he was stuck at home, doesn't mean he shouldn't have a cake to celebrate with.

Let us help you send your care packages to family, friends and team mates with our Sweet Grazers. There's just so many ways to show you care with our sweet treats.

We're here to help.

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