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Smash Cakes

It wasn't until I had a baby of my own that I learned about smash cakes! And if you didn't know - it's basically a mini cake to celebrate a baby's first birthday - letting them grab and smoosh everything in sight!

I've had the pleasure to create mini smash cakes and I love the feedback when parents say 'it's just too pretty to smash.' But what can I say, my creations are meant to be eaten so why not go out in style *smash smash*

The key things for my smash cakes is that I reduce or remove the sugar content from the cakes and make sure everything on the cake itself is edible and safe for the birthday boy/girl.

With my little one's birthday coming up, I just can't wait to make a smash cake! I wonder what design I'll go with because at the moment I'm tossing and turning between so many - the problems of a cake decorator 😂

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