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Cookie Painting Fun: Paint-Your-Own (PYO) Sweet Cookies

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Who knew a simple white fondant butter sugar cookie could make the perfect canvas and a sweet little treat. Paint-Your-Own cookies, also know as PYO cookies, have been the latest craze in the baking world, especially during lockdown. They have become the perfect activity across Sydney homes, not just for kids - but adults too!

I've had the pleasure to create so many kits and put some cheeky smiles on their faces while they get in touch with their artistic side for birthdays, special occasions, or just because.

There's just so many ways to make a kit. Here are some of our popular requests:

  • PYO Cookie Kit: our signature vanilla butter sugar cookies in various themes

  • Decorate-Your Own (DYO) Sweets kit: a mix of our DIY cupcake kit + PYO cookie kit

  • Sweets Pack: a mix of assorted cupcakes + PYO cookie kit

  • The Ultimate Sweets Pack: occasion cake + PYO cookie kit

The one thing I love about PYO cookies, beside seeing them come to life in colour, is shopping for the cookie cutters! People go therapy shopping for clothes and here I am on a shopping spree for cute cookie cutters - it's an obsession. But I know my 4 month old baby daughter would love these when she's old enough to grab her hands on a paint brush and cookie.

I have a few go-to's for my supplies:

  • Custom cookie cutters: Mackie 3D Creations and 3D Print All Things

  • Colour paint palettes: There are plenty of paint palettes out there, but I have to say The Cookie Countess' PYO Paint Palettes are amazing! The colours are so vibrant and very easy to use. Not many supply shops stock them in Australia, but you can find them at Sweet Wonderland online shop (Sydney based).

These are definitely a fun little activity to do for all occasions - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy painting!

Photoshoot Credits: Xuxu AuAu

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